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William Charlwood

William Charlwood has been a full-time internet marketing consultant for 15 years. He runs many different websites and also publishers an online newsletter about Google's AdSense system (a sub-set of the massively successful AdWords system) that goes to around 15,000 subscribers. 

William has a degree in Physics from Oxford University.

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Victoria Hellyer

Victoria Hellyer has been an internet marketing consultant since 2011. Prior to working for Commercial Reality Ltd, she worked for over 20 years for Drivers Jonas, a London-based property consultancy which merged with the Deloitte consultancy to become Drivers Jonas Deloitte.  For the majority of this period, she was the eBusiness Manager, undertaking analysis & design of both external websites and a variety of internal browser-based industry-leading business tools.

Victoria has a degree in Agricultural Sciences from Oxford University.

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